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Rwy'n merch sy'n dod o Swydd Efrog, a rwy'n dysgu Cymraeg. Does dim dosbarth gyda fi eleni, a... Wel rwy wedi anghofio lot o Gymraeg. Rwy'n trio darllen "Te yn y grug" gan Kate Roberts i wella.

Rwy'n byw yng Nghaerfyrddin gyda fy ng┼Ár ([personal profile] gwyddno) a dwy gath, Mr Smith a Soffocles. Dwi ddim yn gweithio ar hyn o bryd.

Hoffwn ffindio pobl gyda phwy rwy'n gallu siarad.
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So the other week I found myself in South-East Wales working on a short film. Mostly in Newport but with a bit of Cwmbran and Ystrad Mynach (the later being the only thing I can say in a passably Welsh accent) thrown in. However my day off was spent in Newport so I puttered around being a total tourist and took photos, so picspam!

Old Building

Newport Castle )

Dock Regeneration )

Assorted Newport )
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Posted here by [personal profile] draigwen's suggestion... A little story written for [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw. The best way to describe it is to say that it's a bit of an answer to one of the tales from the Mabinogion, the story of Lleu Llaw Gyffes and Blodeuwedd.

It was originally intended to LGBT-ify the Mabinogion (or that particular story, anyway), but that's not particularly apparent unless you take authorial intention into account. I explained a bit more about the original story and about the way I wrote the story at the entry, if you're interested. The entry is here.
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Can't believe I didn't think of posting here! For [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw, I'm running a FAQ on Wales. The index post is here, the prompts post is here. There're lots of questions being asked, and it's really a free for all, so it'd be great if other people can join in!

If you're interested in Anglo-Welsh literature, I did a looong post about it last night, here. I also did a post about the relationship between Wales and the UK (mostly England), here.
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So, this is a perhaps, unusual question but I thought it might make a good resource post for other people.

Anyway, out in meatspace I do hospital radio show of a Sunday, which specialises in Scottish music - mostly rock and pop but with wee features on unsigned/up-and-coming bands and folk music. Every so often I like to mix things up and do special editions of the show (eg for St Patricks Day I did an Irish version) and I wanted to do a Welsh version of the show. Now I have music by a decent number of Welsh bands and singers (Manics, Stereophonics, Catatonia, Super Furry Animals, The Automatic, Lost Prophets, Tom Jones, Bonnie Tyler, Jem, Charlotte Church etc) in my collection but I don't know very much about unsigned/up-and-coming Welsh bands (I was recently introduced to Cowbois Rhos Botwnnog but that's about the extent of it) and even less about the folk music scene in Wales.

Therefore this is a request, for whatever you can tell me about Welsh folk music. Are there other traditional welsh music forms that I should be introducing my audience to? Or perhaps up and coming Welsh indie bands that incorporate traditional or specifically welsh instruments?

Also my quick and dirty google and searches for welsh music comes up with a lot of welsh-language rock and indie, is this representative of the welsh music scene or did I just stumble into a niche? (A lot of them seem comparatively successful, at least compared to their Gaelic language conterparts up here)


Feb. 21st, 2011 08:13 pm
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For those of you living in Wales, don't forget to vote on 3rd March! I didn't realise it was quite so close.

I'd love to hear how people are planning on voting and their reasonings.

(And apologies for not posting anything here for a while... university and work combined have taken over my life, and then some).
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With the civil service being one of the biggest employers in Wales, and ridiculously high unemployment here, the closure of the passport office will be a huge loss for the people of Wales. Plus, well, it's convenient. Even my brother from the Midlands went to Newport to sort his passport out.

Please sign the petition to save the Newport passport office (and please pass this link on).
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Sorry I've not posted anything for a while - been a busy week or so. I'll try to post some more pictures soon - I've got some squirreled away for a later date.

Anyway, saw a few links on BBC News Wales that I thought I'd link to.

Ooops - WAO, which ensures billions of public money in Wales is spent properly, also admitted it had been breaching financial rules since 2005.

No Welsh MPs in Shadow Cabinet nice to know that Labour think so much of one of their major strongholds in the UK.
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So, the First Minister and Deputy First Minister have formally given the Secretary of State their preferred date for a referendum.

Cribbed from the webpage on the referendum: If they get a yes vote, the National Assembly for Wales will get full law making abilities in the devolved areas they currently have some law making abilities. This will not give them the ability to create laws in defence, tax, or welfare.

What do people think about the referendum and about more powers for Wales?

Personally I'm on the fence on this one. I'd like us to have more powers to do more things, but only if it means that we'll get more money for it. Wales is already seriously underfunded and more powers means more money needs to be spent. The problem is, with the current government in Whitehall, I'm not sure if we'd get the extra money we'd need to be able to make use of the extra powers.
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This is, I think, a lovely (if morbid) bit of Cardiff history. We found this gravestone in the cemetery this summer and had to take a photograph. I think it's great that they told the story on the gravestone. I've tried googling for more information about this girl but unfortunately there's not much else than the story told here.

In Memory Of Maud - gravestone from cemetery in Cardiff
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A really contentious issue in Wales, and one I'm not actually going to join the debate on, but I thought I'd put it out here for discussion. They've just announced a consultation for a small trial in Pembrokeshire after failing to get through a non-location-specific trial.

BBC News article on the consultation, and link to the consultation document.

And please, no flaming anyone on this subject. Sensible discussion only please!
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The first time I visited Cardiff I was 14, it was August and south Wales was enjoying the rare pleasure of a heatwave while the rest of Britain had rain. 11 years later I returned to find the weather equally good (it was October so obviously it rained, but only when I was in museums/shops/my bed, the rest of the time it was chilly but glorious) and that Cardiff Bay was no longer a derelict wasteland. I ended up going twice in the last year after my gap of eleven so you get two sets of photos, one from October taken on a rubbish little disposable camera and one set from June taken on my good Canon camera.

October )

June )
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I had no idea there was a Sci-Fi Convention in Swansea.

You can even buy Dave Prowse's car apparently!

Please ignore the horribly 90s website.

More information including guest list and prices. It's not exactly a star-studded event but if you're nuts about Star Wars you'll love it.
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The poll suggested that people would like to see pictures of Wales, so I'm going to try to post a new pic every Wednesday, at least until I run out. Obviously you're all free to add photos on other days but this is me trying to be organised.

Would people prefer the picture to be under a cut? I'm putting it under one this time around, but since I'll only be posting one in a post I'd like to put the pictures outside the cut if people are happy with this idea...

Anyway, today's picture is a panorama from one of the mountains in the Brecon Beacons. Living so close to such beautiful countryside is one of the reasons I love Wales. We saw a red kite not far from this spot last month too. If you're not from Wales and ever pay the country a visit, make sure you go for a walk in the beacons - it's well worth it

Read more... )
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BBC News - Plan to generate electricity from waste food in Gwynedd

I was scouting the BBC news site to see if there was anything interesting to post here and I found this. I'm not sure if anywhere else is doing this, but I really hope the planning goes through. It sounds like a great idea. I hope they do the same elsewhere around Wales soon.
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I've been a very bad maintainer and not posted much here since I started the community. I'd like to start getting the community used a bit more.

I want to try to post things here on a (semi-)regular basis and I wanted opinions on the different types of things I'm thinking of posting. It would be great if you could all fill out the poll.

Poll #4360 Subjects for regular posts
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: Access List, participants: 10

What posts would you like to see in the community?

Links to events in Wales
5 (50.0%)

Photos of Wales
9 (90.0%)

Links/discussions on Welsh news articles (thinking political things, etc)
7 (70.0%)

Welsh language discussion (about the language, not necessarily in the language)
8 (80.0%)

Other (see comments)
1 (10.0%)

I may try to pick a day of the week to post certain posts, but that means me getting that organised first!

Obviously you're all welcome to add your own posts at any point. I'm just trying to get more content on the community - then I'll try and promote the community!
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From [ profile] wales :

There is an exhibition called 'Dyma ni' in Cardiff's twin town Stuttgart. It displays photographic art by artists from Cardiff.

Original entry over here.
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It occurred to me that I started this community and then never got round to writing an introductory post or anything.

I thought it might be a good idea for me to write a post explaining my connection to Wales, with the hope to spark other people off to do the same!

I'll hide it all under a cut )