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So the other week I found myself in South-East Wales working on a short film. Mostly in Newport but with a bit of Cwmbran and Ystrad Mynach (the later being the only thing I can say in a passably Welsh accent) thrown in. However my day off was spent in Newport so I puttered around being a total tourist and took photos, so picspam!

Old Building

Newport Castle )

Dock Regeneration )

Assorted Newport )
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This is, I think, a lovely (if morbid) bit of Cardiff history. We found this gravestone in the cemetery this summer and had to take a photograph. I think it's great that they told the story on the gravestone. I've tried googling for more information about this girl but unfortunately there's not much else than the story told here.

In Memory Of Maud - gravestone from cemetery in Cardiff
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The first time I visited Cardiff I was 14, it was August and south Wales was enjoying the rare pleasure of a heatwave while the rest of Britain had rain. 11 years later I returned to find the weather equally good (it was October so obviously it rained, but only when I was in museums/shops/my bed, the rest of the time it was chilly but glorious) and that Cardiff Bay was no longer a derelict wasteland. I ended up going twice in the last year after my gap of eleven so you get two sets of photos, one from October taken on a rubbish little disposable camera and one set from June taken on my good Canon camera.

October )

June )
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The poll suggested that people would like to see pictures of Wales, so I'm going to try to post a new pic every Wednesday, at least until I run out. Obviously you're all free to add photos on other days but this is me trying to be organised.

Would people prefer the picture to be under a cut? I'm putting it under one this time around, but since I'll only be posting one in a post I'd like to put the pictures outside the cut if people are happy with this idea...

Anyway, today's picture is a panorama from one of the mountains in the Brecon Beacons. Living so close to such beautiful countryside is one of the reasons I love Wales. We saw a red kite not far from this spot last month too. If you're not from Wales and ever pay the country a visit, make sure you go for a walk in the beacons - it's well worth it

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