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So the other week I found myself in South-East Wales working on a short film. Mostly in Newport but with a bit of Cwmbran and Ystrad Mynach (the later being the only thing I can say in a passably Welsh accent) thrown in. However my day off was spent in Newport so I puttered around being a total tourist and took photos, so picspam!

Old Building

From the Bridge
The castle as viewed from the bridge
One of the octagonal turrets.
Turret with Banner
Despite not making much use of the place as a tourist attraction, someone has given it some nice banners.
It looks temptingly as though its normally open to the public and I've just missed opening hours, but the internet assure me its been closed to the public since 2003.
Knowing pretty much nothing about Welsh castle design, I cannot tell if this is the keep or just a big square tower.
Brief History W
Model of the castle as it was designed with a brief history on one side in Welsh and the other in English.
Arches and banners
Arches and banners.
Hidden Doorway
there were lots glimpses of hidden doorways, stairways and carefully built paths that called out to me to scale the fence myself. I resisted the temptation but only just.

For some reason I find the faded primary colours rather charming.
Given that it had poured torrentially that morning, the river was ridiculously low.
The old docks
They're doing a lot of regeneration work where the old docks were, there's a nice arts centre and the new building of the University of Wales' Newport campus.
Space Dancers
Apparently I utterly failed to take any photos of the arts centre itself so have a couple of photos of some 'art' that was inside. Space Dancers and a Dragon.
River Usk
I was looking at this photo, thinking: "if this place used to be a major post, then either the river used to be much higher or its a tidal river much like the Forth here in Stirling" and lo and behold I looked it up and found that the Usk is indeed a tidal river.
Ruddy great lump of public art.
New Uni Building
New univ building. Apparently the old one was lovely but I've not seen it.
Fountain Foam
Vaguely arty shot of some rather nice fountains
Unexpected toadstool
Mosaic Map2
A mosaic map of Newport's trade roots.
Welsh Dragon
Chinese Dragon
With Welsh and Chinese Dragon details.

No Entry
I love how pervasive the Welsh language is in Wales, even in a majority English speaking area like this. Even the road markings are bilingual.
Welsh Tree
Bi-lingual trees!
Ball Fountain
There were two of these in an otherwise rather desolate and run-down square outside the tourist information centre.
I've genuinely no idea what this statue is supposed to be, a dementor perhaps? It appears to have no face.
Frontage of one of the buildings in the main/high street
The old reflected in the new.
Tunnel Mosaic
Tunnel Mosaic 2
They solve the issue of dark and dingy underpasses with mosaics in this town apparently.
Mosaic Films
Makes those blue plagues look kind of shabby...
Industrial Mosaic
Train Mosaic

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Date: 2011-08-27 01:52 am (UTC)
morwencath: (pic#937247)
From: [personal profile] morwencath
These are lovely! Thanks so much for sharing. As many times as I have visited Wales I have never managed to see Newport yet, now I know what I am missing and I shall make the effort to see some of it when I come over this fall!


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Date: 2011-09-04 05:41 pm (UTC)
draigwen: (Default)
From: [personal profile] draigwen
I know someone who lives in the street with that No Entry sign at the bottom of it!


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