Sep. 22nd, 2010

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This is, I think, a lovely (if morbid) bit of Cardiff history. We found this gravestone in the cemetery this summer and had to take a photograph. I think it's great that they told the story on the gravestone. I've tried googling for more information about this girl but unfortunately there's not much else than the story told here.

In Memory Of Maud - gravestone from cemetery in Cardiff
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So, the First Minister and Deputy First Minister have formally given the Secretary of State their preferred date for a referendum.

Cribbed from the webpage on the referendum: If they get a yes vote, the National Assembly for Wales will get full law making abilities in the devolved areas they currently have some law making abilities. This will not give them the ability to create laws in defence, tax, or welfare.

What do people think about the referendum and about more powers for Wales?

Personally I'm on the fence on this one. I'd like us to have more powers to do more things, but only if it means that we'll get more money for it. Wales is already seriously underfunded and more powers means more money needs to be spent. The problem is, with the current government in Whitehall, I'm not sure if we'd get the extra money we'd need to be able to make use of the extra powers.


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