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This is, I think, a lovely (if morbid) bit of Cardiff history. We found this gravestone in the cemetery this summer and had to take a photograph. I think it's great that they told the story on the gravestone. I've tried googling for more information about this girl but unfortunately there's not much else than the story told here.

In Memory Of Maud - gravestone from cemetery in Cardiff

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Date: 2010-09-22 07:58 pm (UTC)
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I found a couple links that have a bit on her life and death.

"She was a domestic servant with Hancock’s circus and met a very unfortunate death in a freak ballooning accident, during the Cardiff Exhibition of 1896."


"Undeterred, he announced that future ascents would be made by the celebrated parachutist Mademoiselle Albertina. A vast crowd turned up to witness her debut.

Described as ``looking young and diminutive with refined features and girlish blue eyes,'' she took her seat and then, with a wave to the crowd, she was up, up and away.

Across Roath and Tremorfa, up to an unprecedented 6,000 feet, then the drop. But the cheers were silenced as her parachute drifted away, the balloon coming down off the mouth of the Rhymney River. But no Mademoiselle Albertina. Her body was found three days later on the riverbank near Newport. And it turned out that far from being Mademoiselle Albertina, renowned parachutist, she was Louisa Maude Evans, only 14 years old, making her first parachute drop after persuading Professor Gaudron she was experienced. "

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